Viento en Contra (Alfons Conde)



Following our acclaimed releases of Alfons Conde’s scores forThe Abandoned, The Dark Hour and No-Do, we are excited to announce the new album from this brilliant Spanish composer.

This is an exciting action thriller score written for orchestra and electronics with the composer showing new stylistic sides of his musical personality not heard before: a lot of the music here is the type of adrenaline-pumping suspense and action stuff you normally only hear in big Hollywood movies – think James Newton Howard, Jerry Goldsmith with a dash of John Powell and a sophisticated, elegant orchestral language that has a lot in common with John Williams. Conde has really succeeded in fusing electronics with the big orchestral sound, resulting in a refreshing and throughout exciting listening experience.

The film is a Mexican production starring model/actress Barbara Mori scheduled to premiere on September 30.

MMS11014 • VIENTO EN CONTRA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ALFONS CONDE
Release date: July 5, 2011 (online) / July 19 (CD)


1 Main Titles 1.54
2 Patrick & Luisa 2.22
3 A Day at Work 2.22
4 Murdered 2.48
5 The Escape 6.32
6 Sofia Hacks In 1.23
7 Talking to Matias 2.10
8 Luisa’s Apartment 2.05
9 The Car Chase 2.46
10 At Don Roman’s 1.52
11 The Bus Station 1.04
12 Kidnapped and Back at the Crime Scene 3.52
13 Two Fugitives 2.32
14 The Resendis Residence 2.50
15 At the Subway 1.41
16 Reunion with Patrick 3.00
17 Entering Justino’s Computer 4.52
18 Disappointment in Valle 4.56
19 Meet the Gang 6.16
20 Air Fight 6.22
21 The Little Prince 1.08

    Viento en Contra (Alfons Conde)