Ways to Live Forever (Cesar Benito)


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Continuing and expanding on our recent devotion to high quality Spanish film music, we are excited to work for the first time with the very talented Los Angeles-based composer Cesar Benito. His score for Gustavo Ron’s film adaptation of the Sally Nicholls novel Ways to Live Forever is a very beautiful and sensitive score which combines optimistic quirkiness with soulful seriousness in a way that recalls the finetuned drama music of such masters as Thomas Newman, Mychael Danna and Johan Söderqvist.

Although the story has a lot of very sad elements, the director wanted the music to be light, bright, even uplifting. The composer says that he tried “to be inventive”, combining “the sounds of a symphony orchestra with other ethnic, less common, instruments and musical effects to portray the lively and imaginative personality of the protagonist”. The result is a score that is very engaging, moving and simply beautiful.

MMS11013 • WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by CESAR BENITO
Release date (CD/download): June 21, 2011


1 The Idea for the Book 1.40
2 Works of Art 0.58
3 Some Information 2.46
4 Mom & Dad 1.49
5 Annie Dracula 1.40
6 Worms 1.06
7 Questions 2.03
8 Kayleigh 1.22
9 Ghosts 3.27
10 Ouija Board 2.39
11 Perfect 2.30
12 Best Things in the World2.02
13 Strange Dreams 4.26
14 Even Better 1.09
15 Don’t Ask Questions 1.21
16 Pictures 2.34
17 When I Was Gone 2.11
18 It’s Not Fair 5.09
19 Tones of Cards 2.25
20 Remember Forever 6.10

    Ways to Live Forever (Cesar Benito)

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