Welcome to the Jungle (Karl Preusser)


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Jean-Claude van Damme’s first foray into straight comedy territory – Welcome to the Jungle – features an exciting and highly entertaining score composed by up and coming composer Karl Preusser, who is making his debut on the MovieScore Media label with this album. The music for the film (about a company retreat on a tropical island going awry) balances rollicking action music for orchestra and ethnical instrumentation with laid-back comedy music and romantic counter-themes. The film gets a limited theatrical release in USA on February 7, with our album following the week after.

MMS14002/KRONCD037 • WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by KARL PREUSSER
Release date (digital): February 11, 2014
Release date (CD): February 25, 2014


1 Welcome to the Jungle (Main Title) 0:50
2 He’s Very, Very Bright 1:35
3 Razzle Goes the Dazzle / Brenda 2:07
4 Certified Teamwork Instructor 2:48
5 Journey to the Island 2:40
6 Our New Home 1:21
7 Tiger Attack 1:05
8 Phil Takes Over / Chaos 4:40
9 Spying on Phil’s Camp 2:06
10 Meet the Savages 2:01
11 Let’s Take a Walk 2:05
12 Pep Talk 1:17
13 Stealing the Radio 3:56
14 You Shall Die 3:35
15 Bow Before My Mighty Loin 1:50
16 The Pit of Destiny 2:35
17 Rescue 2:25
18 I Quit Too 0:53

    Welcome to the Jungle (Karl Preusser)

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