White Lion (Philip Miller)


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South Africa-based composer Philip Miller (Catch a Fire) has written a stunning orchestral score for this wild-life adventure movie about a white lion that is rejected by his pack and forced to embark upon a perilous journey of survival.

Performed by the Johannesburg Film Orchestra, the score is very classical in its approach to the thematic material, with subtle ethnic elements added to the symphonic palette. “While the story is set in Africa, we were keen not to make it sound to ‘indigenous or ethnic African’. They wanted me to compose a score that had several strong, classic musical themes that the audience would recognize and remember as they watch the film,” Philip Miller said.

Album features sweeping, beautiful melodies, exciting and sometimes aggressive action and tension as well as some playful scherzos. Not to be missed!

MMS11009 • WHITE LION (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PHILIP MILLER
Release date (CD/download): April 26, 2011


1 In the Beginning 1.09
2 Playing Cubs 2.12
3 Hyena Attacks 1.42
4 Gisani’s Theme 3.40
5 Chicken Hok and the Porcupine 2.03
6 Crocodile Attacks 0.54
7 Mother 1.04
8 Mohahlwa 1.17
9 Dance of the Wildebeast 1.47
10 Friends 1.41
11 Manhood 1.46
12 Fire 1.43
13 After the Fire 1.26
14 The Shooting 3.34
15 Adult Letsatsi 1.25
16 Hunting Success 2.20
17 Loss 1.00
18 Over the Neck 1.18
19 The Last Fight 4.52
20 Finale 2.20

    White Lion (Philip Miller)

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