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Amália (Nuno Malo)

Amália (Nuno Malo)


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Portuguese composer Nuno Malo, whose score for Julgamentowas recently released by MovieScore Media, has written an incredibly moving orchestral score for Amália, a dramatic portrayal of one of Portugal’s most famous musical personalities – Fado legend Amália Rodriguez.

If you have already checked out Julgamento, you know that Nuno Malo is a melody-driven composer who has a very firm belief in the role of strong themes – Amália showcases this even more, and is at the same time a very romantic, beautiful score where Malo’s rich string writing forms the backbone of the music. Among the many gorgeous compositions on the album are two versions of “Lament: Fado Dos Meus Erros” – the main theme of the score which is presented in two versions of which one features a very moving cello solo by Tina Guo.

Our CD release also features two original songs performed by Amália: ‘Estranha forma de vida’ and ‘Vou dar de bebar a dor’.

MMS10024 • AMÀLIA (Original Motion Picture Score)
Music Composed by NUNO MALO
Release date (CD/download): November 30, 2010


1 Estranha forma de vida (performed by Amália Rodriguez) 5.05 (CD only)
2 Lament: Fado Dos Meus Erros (orchestra version) 4.09
3 Opening: Close to Death 2.26
4 Bola De Berlin (Young Amália) 2.26
5 Amália and Santo 3.29
6 Nightmare 1.54
7 Amália At Her Parents’ Home 2.00
8 Fruit to Sailors 0.54
9 Cesar’s Theme 1.09
10 Riciardi and Amália 1.19
11 The Death of Aninha 1.45
12 The Cliff 1.01
13 Death in a Taxi 0.41
14 The Bridge and X-Ray 0.40
15 Amália Tenders to the Poor 0.41
16 Making Love / The Beating / The Collapse 3.16
17 Trashed Poem 1.25
18 The Girl from Israel 1.41
19 Amália Remembered 1.11
20 Goodbyes 2.20
21 Amália: The Ending 1.38
22 Lament: Fado Dos Meus Erros (cello version) 4.17
23 Vou dar de bebar a dor (performed by Amália Rodriguez) 2.27 (CD only)

    Amália (Nuno Malo)