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Backlight (Nuno Malo)

Backlight (Nuno Malo)


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The latest release of MovieScore Media is the 2010 sci-fi mystery Backlight written and directed by Fernando Fragata. The film tells the story of a group of several unrelated characters, each of whom find themselves at a critical stage in their own lives. When all of them are strangely compelled to move towards an uncharted lake in the middle of the desert where, they all have the opportunity to save each other and find redemption of the process. The ethereal score is written by Portuguese composer Nuno Malo; the digital version of the score is issued by MovieScore Media while the physical release is produced by Kronos Records.

The instrumentation for Backlight consists of orchestra and women’s choir with a solo ethereal voice, ethnic flutes, duduk, ethnic percussion and several eerie synths. As the composer explains: “My approach to writing the music for Backlight was basically trying to find a balanced palette of sounds and textures that would help create an extra dimension to the film.”

Born on Madeira in 1977, composer Nuno Malo has composed scores for over 30 projects both in his native country and Hollywood. Some of his previous scores released by MovieScore Media include Julgamento, Amália and The Celestine Prophecy. In 2008, he was given the Breakout Composer of the Year Award at the IFMCA for his work on Amália (2008) which was also nominated in the category of Best Original Score for a Drama Film. Since then he was nominated once again for No God, No Master (2013). His score for LUV (2012) was also nominated for Best Original Score For a Feature Film at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and is to be released soon as well.

MMS15022 • BACKLIGHT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by NUNO MALO
Release date (Digital): May 26, 2015


1 Daniel Saves the Girl 8:12
2 Jay’s Depression 2:34
3 Jay Takes Off From Home 2:10
4 Matt Arrives at the Airplane Cemetery 3:25
5 Jay Almost Commits Suicide 3:31
6 Rooftop / Jay’s Theme (Film Version) 3:22
7 Crossing Paths 1:41
8 Daniel Take Off Into the Sunrise 0:58
9 Ending Slow Motion (Alternate Version) 3:45
10 Departure at Gas Station 1:36
11 Saudade / Helena’s Photograph 1:15
12 Jay’s Theme (Album Version) 2:01
13 Matt Talks About His Past 5:11
14 Matt Calls the Tow Truck 1:58
15 Matt Talks to Sister at the Cemetery 2:39
16 Jay Calls His Friend 0:56
17 Motel 66 1:09
18 Mother and Daughter Bond 1:47
19 Matt Dies… The Lake 2:00
20 Mother and Daughter’s Roadtrip 2:56
21 Ja on the Top of the Hill 2:25
22 Rooftop Near Fall 1:13
23 Mother Daughter Safety 1:30
24 Skylar on the Roof 1:27
25 Shootout 1:26
26 The Signal Gathering 5:44
27 Main Theme Resolutions 0:52
28 Matt’s Theme – Reprise 1:45
29 Main Theme – Reprise 1:08

    Backlight (Nuno Malo)