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Conquest 1453 (Benjamin Wallfisch)

Conquest 1453 (Benjamin Wallfisch)


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This has all the hallmarks of an epic score… It has massive string sections and a theme that Hans Zimmer would be proud of creating… It’s pretty damn good to be honest. (Jorn Tillnes, Soundtrack Geek)

The orchestral writing is very satisfying and the clear mixing allows you to hear every detail of it. “Conquest 1453″ is a big orchestral score first; and one with distinct synth sounds and plenty of sampled percussion second. (Pete Simons, Synchrotones)

Conquest 1453 is the most succesful film ever in Turkey and the film was for a while the second most popular 2012 film on the Internet Movie Database with only Underworld: Awakening receiving more votes! The exciting story of the siege of Constantinople in 1453 is a Turkish national epic, and Faruk Aksoy’s film makes this piece of history accessible using a spectacular Hollywood-inspired cinematic style and a first-rate international orchestral score by Benjamin Wallfisch.

MovieScore Media has released two scores before by the talented British composer/conductor (Dear Wendy and The Escapist), but there is no doubt Conquest 1453 is the most epic and action-packed we’ve done with him.

Wallfisch’s music is as always rich in colour and counterpoint, employing several strong themes and a rich pallette where the orchestra forms the backbone and inventive electronic programming adds a contemporary feel to the score. If you are a fan of big, bold and exciting movie music in the action/adventure genre, this one is definitely for you!

MMS12003 • CONQUEST 1453 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by BENJAMIN WALLFISCH
Release date: March 20, 2012

1st edition of the CD limited to 1000 copies.

1 Mehmet’s Theme 2.46
2 Duel 3.35
3 The Prophecy 2.22
4 The Promise 1.57
5 Basilica 1.45
6 The Resistance 1.50
7 Harbour 0.49
8 Nightmare 1.34
9 Journey 2.03
10 Destiny 4.03
11 Diplomacy Fails 1.55
12 Arrows of Fire 3.55
13 Era and Hassan 2.01
14 Hippodrome 2.13
15 Halil Summoned 3.32
16 Easter 2.03
17 War Drums 1.51
18 Attack 1.49
19 Mehmet Contemplates 1.20
20 Era’s Transformation 0.53
21 Factory 1.47
22 Mehmet’s War 2.17
23 Aftermath 1.09
24 Tunnel 2.42
25 Isolation 2.17
26 The Stone of Eyüp 3.46
27 Pulling the Ships 2.10
28 Leader of Men 1.35
29 Goodbye 1.29
30 End Game 3.41
31 My Life for My Flag 2.20
32 A Child of Istanbul 3.00

    Conquest 1453 (Benjamin Wallfisch)