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Dignity (Les Pirogues des Hautes Terres) Eric Neveux)

Dignity (Les Pirogues des Hautes Terres) Eric Neveux)


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MovieScore Media has released two previous albums with French composer Eric Neveux – Hideaways (the fantasy drama by Agnès Merlet) and Flight of the Storks (the 2013 TV miniseries known as Le Vol des Cigognes in France). Neveux, who is also known for his scores for TV series Borgia and Un village francais as well as theatrical features Intimacy and Just Like a Woman, has written a strong orchestral score for Dignity, a television movie known in France as Les pirogues des hautes terres.

The historic film tells the story about rail workers strike in Senegal in 1947 that marked the start of the decolonization, a very dramatic event that gets an emotionally charged and musically interesting accompaniment by Eric Neveux. Orchestral colours are mixed with traditional African instrumentation.

MMD0031 • DIGNITY (Les Pirogues des Hautes Terres) (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ERIC NEVEUX
Release date (digital only): April 2, 2013


1 Dignity (Opening Titles)   2:02
2 Trauma   1:53
3 Call In the Army!   2:12
4 Abdu   2:20
5 Take Aim!   1:58
6 Narsen’s Delusions   1:32
7 Showdown   2:19
8 The Strike Gets Voted   2:42
9 Conspiracies   2:34
10 The Objectors   2:03
11 Pierre-Marie’s Nightmares   2:16
12 Through Yvonne’s Eyes   1:58
13 Amsa   1:39
14 The Railworkers’ Hope   2:23
15 Epilogue   2:04

    Dignity (Les Pirogues des Hautes Terres) Eric Neveux)