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Dragon (Wu Xia) (Chan Kwong Wing 
& Peter Kam Pui Tat)

Dragon (Wu Xia) (Chan Kwong Wing 
& Peter Kam Pui Tat)


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The soundtrack for Dragon is one of those versatile albums, featuring music that represents the story and enhances the visuals while still serving perfectly as a stand alone album.  This is a soundtrack well worth taking a listen to. (Melissa Minners, G-Pop)

Accompanied by a stylish soundtrack composed by Chan Kwong Wing and Peter Kam (The Warlords), Peter Chan’s Hong Kong action adventure Dragon tells the story about a martial arts expert who wants to start a new life but is hunted down by a detective and his former master. Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro are the main stars in the film, which won multiple awards at the Asian Film Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards (including the ones for Best Composer and Best Original Film Score respectively).

The composers mix orchestral elements with Asian instrumentation and modern aesthetics, creating an effective and attractive score with coherent thematic ideas at its core.

This digital only release follows the theatrical release of the film in the United Kingdom on May 3, 2013, and co-incides with the DVD release of the film in USA and Germany!

MMD0023 • DRAGON (Wu Xia) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital only): May 13, 2013


1 Blood of the Dragon 1:10
2 The Thieves 3:22
3 The Village 0:57
4 Inspector 2:56
5 Hidden Dragon 6:09
6 Desperation 1:44
7 Unforgotten Past 1:44
8 The Heart of Fear 2:06
9 Sins of the Past 1:40
10 You Have to Die 1:30
11 Aftermath 3:04
12 Infinite Sorrow 1:32
13 Return to Perdition 3:28
14 Blood in the Stable 3:02
15 Father, This is the End 8:58


Artwork for Asian territories.

Artwork for Asian territories.

    Dragon (Wu Xia) (Chan Kwong Wing 
& Peter Kam Pui Tat)