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El Tiempo Entre Costuras (César Benito)

El Tiempo Entre Costuras (César Benito)


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If you want to invest some time with a talented new composer who has potential, check out César Benito and his impressive output thus far in his young career. (Cary Wong, Film Score Monthly)

This is a score that music aficionados do not want to pass up and I predict that we will be hearing many more great things in the future from César Benito. (Melissa Minners, G-Pop)

Compared to Downton Abbey and garnering an astonishing success in Spain, the critically acclaimed television series El tiempo entre costuras (based on the novel The Time In Between by María Dueñas) attracts over 5 million viewers to switch on the Antena 3 channel every week. The series features an immensely beautiful, lush and romantic orchestral score by Spanish composer César Benito, whose music for the feature Ways to Live Forever was released by MovieScore Media in 2011. Our soundtrack album, which will be available both in digital format and on CD, presents 70 minutes of music carefully selected by the composer and reflecting the dramatic Spanish Civil War narrative which has engaged millions of viewers. Solo piano compositions which are somewhat minimalist in nature forms the thematic backbone of the score in conjunction with Benito’s elegant orchestrations. Yet another example of the amazingly high standards of Spanish film music!

MMS13023/KRONCD034 • EL TIEMPO ENTRE COSTURAS (Original Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CÉSAR BENITO
Release date (digital): December 10, 2013
Release date (CD): January 28, 2014


1 Tema de Sira 3:00
2 Madrid, 1922 5:28
3 Una máquina de escribir 0:55
4 Sus pupilas clavadas en las mías 4:40
5 Mi madre y yo, dos extrañas 3:17
6 En Marruecos 4:02
7 Al borde del abismo 4:03
8 Candelaria “La Matutera” 1:46
9 Trapicheos y contrabando 2:57
10 L’Atelier 1:48
11 Entre costuras 1:38
12 La distinguida y elegante Rosalinda Fox 2:49
13 El falso Delphos 1:20
14 La sombra del Tercer Reich 2:32
15 Amor entre guerras 1:54
16 Tensión en el Protectorado español 2:39
17 Agente Agoriuq 2:11
18 Conspiración británica 2:06
19 Nas ruas de Lisboa 2:49
20 Misión: Escapar 5:34
21 Modista, espía, amante y mujer 2:02
22 La muerte en cada esquina 1:29
23 Los ecos de la guerra 2:38
24 Lección de vida 4:01
25 Final abierto (Tema de Sira) 2:14

    El Tiempo Entre Costuras (César Benito)