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Eleanor’s Secret (Kérity, la maison des contes) (Christophe Héral)

Eleanor’s Secret (Kérity, la maison des contes) (Christophe Héral)


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Opening on French theatres on December 16, this animated feature film (entitled Kerity, la maison des contes in French) tells the magical story about a b oy who inherits a large book collection and who experiences the adventure of his life when the fairy-tales on the pages come to life. The film’s wonderful score, written for full orchestra as well as solo guitar, piano and cimbalom, is written by Christophe Héral (who is probably best known for his music for the video game Beyond Good and Evil).

Listening to his beautiful, melody-driven score for Eleanor’s Secret is a rich experience full of magic, mystery, adventure, excitement and a lot of fun. Among many other standout qualities, this is a score that features a particularly strong and memorable main theme! MovieScore Media releases the score on CD while digital distribution of the score is handled by the production company (Gaumon-Alphanim).

MMS09030 • ELEANOR’S SECRET (Kérity, la maison des contes) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CHRISTOPHE HÉRAL
Release date (CD only): December 29, 2009


1 On the Road to Kerity 4.41
2 On the Beach 1.45
3 The Truck 2.08
4 Nightmares & Illusions 2.31
5 Eleanor’s Letter 2.48
6 Introduction to Mr. Pickall 1.53
7 Nathaniel: Knight of Kerity 1.36
8 The Storm 0.45
9 The Secret Library 4.05
10 The Gift of the Little Match-Seller 0.48
11 Let’s Go! 1.49
12 An Unexpected Rescue 3.34
13 Pickall and the Customer 0.56
14 The Baby 0.37
15 A Crab in the Castle 2.13
16 Eleanor’s Piano 1.09
17 Angelica’s Kite 1.25
18 Hanged On to the Kite 3.07
19 Stairs 0.33
20 Fujara 2.19
21 Angelica 0.55
22 The Father 2.54
23 Eleanor’s Jewels 4.33
24 Pickall 2.51

    Eleanor’s Secret (Kérity, la maison des contes) (Christophe Héral)