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Fifty Dead Men Walking (Ben Mink)

Fifty Dead Men Walking (Ben Mink)



Following the wide UK theatrical release of the Fifty Dead Men Walking on April 10, MovieScore Media releases the hard-hitting contemporary original score by Ben Mink (who co-wrote the score for Even Cowgirls Get the Blues with k.d. lang) digitally online. Starring Ben Kingsley, Jim Sturgess, Kevin Zegers, Natalie Press and Rose McGowan, Fifty Dead Men Walking is a gritty action thriller which is based on the true story by Martin McGartland who was recruited by the British Police to spy on the IRA in the late eighties.

The film is directed by Kari Skogland (Liberty Stands Still, White Lies) and in sync with her cinematic vision is Ben Mink’s percussive and intense electronic score. The soundtrack also features the song “We Will Have Won,” co-written by Ben Mink and Kari Skogland.

MMD0005 FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by BEN MINK
Release date: June 2, 2009


1 Gunshot 0.39
2 Street Fighting 3.17
3 Dark 2.32
4 Blue 1.23
5 Mickey & Marty 1.21
6 Dead Graves 3.10
7 In the Car 1.04
8 Heart Racing 1.30
9 Scary 2.29
10 Road Block 3.35
11 Danger 2.18
12 Swear In 1.42
13 Libyans 1.04
14 Last Sweet 1.36
15 Scotland 3.19
16 He’s a Toit 2.57
17 Violin Pie 1.48
18 Martin Jumps 2.10
19 Pregnant Again 3.17
20 Ambulance 1.48
21 We Will Have Won 3.37

    Fifty Dead Men Walking (Ben Mink)