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Hack! (Scott Glasgow)

Hack! (Scott Glasgow)


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“[Hack!] has a clear set of inspirations, but if you’re going to be inspired by anything, be inspired by the best – and then impose your own voice onto it – and that’s exactly what Glasgow has done.” (Movie-Wave)

Working again with composer Scott Glasgow (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles), whose intense orchestral score for Chasing Ghosts we released online last year, we are proud to offer you his entertaining horror score Hack!

With an abundance of interesting musical ideas and some very neat references to genre classics such as Interview With the Vampire, The Shining and Psycho, Scott’s large orchestral score for this film, a tongue-in-cheek horror comedy starring Danica McKellar, William Forsythe and Sean Kanan, is both exciting, frightening and entertaining.

The music was recorded with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava under the baton of the composer, who had a blast doing the score which – just like the film itself – makes fun of other horror films. “What this gave me as a composer was an opportunity to explore all these visually parodies with musical parodies – if you hear similarities to your favorite film score it is intentional and appropriate for the scene. On top of that you get many other fun styles unrelated to any other films like circus music, baroque opera, Scottish bagpipes, Japanese ‘Samurai’ music and light orchestral ‘fun’ cues”, explains the composer.

Our release of the score from Hack! co-incides with the DVD release of the film on December 11.

CD edition is limited to 500 copies.

MMS07016 • HACK! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by SCOTT GLASGOW
Release date: December 4, 2007


1 Main Title and Escape 3.07
2 Beach Day 2.24
3 Filming of the Kids Arrival 0.57
4 The Lodge 1.04
5 Vince and Mary Shelly 2.44
6 Chain-Saw Love 1.03
7 Waltz with the Dead 1.17
8 The Clown 1.04
9 Arrival at the Island 0.57
10 Emily Turns 2.51
11 Suspicions 2.25
12 The Rack of Love 1.37
13 Butcher Shop 1.52
14 Shining Axe 1.57
15 Watching the Dailies 1.51
16 Willie to the Rescue 2.27
17 The Well 2.32
18 Samurai Run 3.03
19 The Lair 2.52
20 Escape from the Cave 3.40
21 Epilogue 1.35
22 After-Thought 0.55

    Hack! (Scott Glasgow)