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Half Light (Brett Rosenberg)

Half Light (Brett Rosenberg)


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Australian composer Brett Rosenberg’s score for the supernatural thriller Half Light, starring Demi Moore, is a dark and romantic orchestral work filled with beautiful themes that are contrasted by eerie suspense writing, colourfully orchestrated by Nicholas Dodd (Independence Day, Capote, Stargate) and performed by first rate London session players recorded in the magnificent Air Lyndhurst Studios. The film has been described as an “Hitchcockian thriller with a supernatural twist”, and Rosenberg’s score has its Herrmann-esque moments and a lot of moody atmospheres that recalls some of Christopher Young’s finest genre works.

Rosenberg’s music made a strong impression on its audience: an online petition resulted in hundreds of people expressing their interest in a soundtrack release of the music. In answer to this petition, and proudly introducing yet another exciting new name to the film music community, MovieScore Media has released the Half Light score online.

“While this is not a horror movie per se – in fact part of the idea of the film is that you don’t really know whether it is mystery, romance, something else, or everything – because I had the opportunity to write for a wonderful orchestra I decided I wanted to use quite a few avant-garde orchestral techniques à la Lutoslawski, Penderecki and Ligeti. For the melodic material we just wanted it so sound warm, to give a sense of warm family life,” Brett Rosenberg commented in an interview on the fan page devoted to the film.

Already before the official release of the score, Half Light has been singled out by film music journalist Jonathan Broxton as one of the best scores to come out so far this year.

MMS06009 • HALF LIGHT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music composed and conducted by BRETT ROSENBERG
Release date: July 11, 2006


1 Main Title 2:41
2 The Drowning 5:32
3 Dark Drive 1:09
4 The Cottage 0:51
5 Rachel’s Theme 1:00
6 Thomas Appears/The Island 2:14
7 Dreams and Drowning 3:18
8 Lighthouse Vista 0:54
9 Love Theme 1:36
10 Camera Flashback 0:35
11 Boat Journey 0:35
12 Morag’s Vision 1:02
13 “Thomas Was Here” 0:33
14 Boat Journey (alt version) 0:39
15 Get It On 1:13
16 Got It On 0:47
17 Rachel’s Healing 1:09
18 “He’s Dead” 1:38
19 Haunted 2:51
20 Broken Cross 1:10
21 The Reflection 1:15
22 Now You See Him… 3:16
23 Losing It 0:51
24 Who’s There? 0:47
25 Mr. Angus Regrets 1:42
26 The Houdini 4:49
27 Farewell 0:58
28 Alone 1:27
29 Girl in the Storm 1:45

    Half Light (Brett Rosenberg)