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I Am Wrath (Haim Mazar)

I Am Wrath (Haim Mazar)


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John Travolta stars in the vengeance thriller I Am Wrath, scored by composer Haim Mazar (The Iceman) and directed by Chuck Russell (The Mask, Eraser, The Scorpion King). The film is centered around Stanley Hill (Travolta) who goes on a revenge quest after his wife Vivian (Rebecca DeMornay) is brutally murdered and a group of corrupt police officers are unable to catch the killer. The movie follows Stanley’s transformation from an ordinary family man back to his dark past as a skillful special ops agent as he lays vengeance upon those who have wronged him. Travolta’s stoic delivery of swift justice is underscored by Haim Mazar’s orchestral/industrial score.

“It was important for the music to follow Stanley’s journey and to support both sides of his character as we uncover his secret past” explains the composer. “The score features electric and processed guitars combined with heavy percussion and sound design tension beds to reflect Stanley’s bad-ass character as a trained assassin tracking down his wife Vivian’s killers with the help of his old buddy Dennis (Christopher Meloni). The score also needed to reflect Stanley’s softer side as a loving father and a mourning husband so director Chuck Russell and I decided to represent that by using strings and piano combined with ethereal vocal solos that echo Stan’s late wife and his feelings for her.

Composer Haim Mazar is best known for his critically acclaimed score for“The Iceman, a biopic thriller starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, James Franco, and Chris Evans. The film was an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, and the Telluride Film Festival. His more recent credits include the West African-infused score for Jonathan Stein’s Out of the Village as well as the Bryan Singer-produced horror hit The Taking of Deborah Logan. In addition to his film scoring work, Haim is a sought after professor at the prestigious Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood, where he enjoys teaching composition and orchestration.

MMS16009 • I AM WRATH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by HAIM MAZAR
Release date (digital): April 29, 2016


1 Main Titles 2:28
2 Broken Burner 2:17
3 Stanley’s Theme 2:30
4 Tattoo Shop Fight 1:39
5 A Dark Past 2:55
6 Police Line-Up 2:42
7 Plan B 1:02
8 Making the Plan 1:47
9 Seeking Justice 2:16
10 The Murder 1:58
11 Stanley to the Rescue 2:08
12 Funeral 2:17
13 Club Shoot-Out 3:04
14 I Am Wrath 2:11
15 Dreaming of Vivian 2:08
16 End Titles

    I Am Wrath (Haim Mazar)