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I Sell the Dead (Jeff Grace)

I Sell the Dead (Jeff Grace)


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One of MovieScore Media’s favorite composers, Jeff Grace, is back with another great score for producer Larry Fessenden: I Sell the Dead. Grace, who is best known for his avant garde string quartet works (The Last Winter, The Roost, Joshua), utilizes larger forces than usual in I Sell the Dead.

“The film moves with a darting confidence and it literally soars via the evocative and aggressive score by Jeff Grace,” wrote Hammer to Nail in their review of the film – and the music certainly has its “violent” moments (as should any Jeff Grace horror score), but it also reflects the tongue-in-cheek qualities of the film with great flair. Soundtrack aficionados will certainly enjoy its Herrmannesque qualities and inspired orchestrations.

I Sell the Dead, an acclaimed horror comedy, stars Ron Perlman and Dominic Monaghan. MovieScore Media’s score album will be released just before the theatrical release of the film in the US on August 14.

MMS09016 • I SELL THE DEAD (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by JEFF GRACE
Release date: August 4, 2009


1 Opening Titles 3.31
2 A Very Peculiar Priest 3.22
3 Langols Island 2.36
4 Wake Snatching 1.35
5 A What Which? 3.21
6 The Resurrection Apprentice 3.33
7 Cornelius Murphy 2.39
8 Guts for Garters 3.12
9 A Hard Slog 0.56
10 Dr. Vernon Quint at Your Service 1.38
11 The House of Murphy 1.21
12 The Dead Undead! 2.57
13 A Foot? 2.37
14 From a Long Line of Ghouls 2.19
15 Valentine Kelly 1.42
16 Grimes and Blake 2.02
17 Other Arrangements 1.58
18 A Cemetery Stroll 3.05

    I Sell the Dead (Jeff Grace)