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In Love and War (Robin Hoffmann)

In Love and War (Robin Hoffmann)

CD coming soon from QUARTET RECORDS

Coinciding with the film’s release in Danish cinemas on November 15, MovieScore Media joins the celebrations about the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I with Robin Hoffmann’s music for the Danish romantic drama,
In Love and War. Co-written and directed by Kasper Torsting, the film tells the story of a Danish soldier named Esben escaping from the hell of war to return to his beloved wife and son. The home front however had changed and a dapper German officer had gotten close to the girl and the boy – trying to be the best replacement he could be. Based on a true story, the film follows Esben’s journey as the hell of war rips his family apart in more than one way.

In addition to the orchestral score – dark, dramatic and very romantic in nature – the soundtrack album features the song “Sig nærmer tiden” (“Time Is Approaching”), a song from 1922 by Danish composer Oluf Ring, here performed beautifully by the film’s main star, Rosalinde Mynster.

“The idea for the music for In Love and War was to follow a quite traditional approach and exclusively use the sound of acoustic instruments. I paired a large symphony orchestra with four solo string players to cover the complete emotional range of the movie between very intimate situations and grand cinematic scenes. In spite of not using any synthesized sounds at all, the unusual ways the players were asked to play their instruments is supposed to occasionally create the illusion of synthetic textures and moving soundscapes. The score weaves around a main theme portraying the bond of the protagonist family. This theme keeps reappearing throughout the score in many different emotional stages to correlate with the quite dramatic shifts of this relationship happening in the movie.“

German composer Robin Hoffmann graduated from the Dresden University of Music with a degree in Composition, Arrangement and Piano. His list of credits as a composer include the British comedy Save Angel Hope starring Billy Boyd, Bernard Hill or more recently, the award-winning short film Hero by Andrew and Nate Garcia. As an orchestrator, he worked on Recycling Lily, also available from MovieScore Media. Besides writing film music Robin is also a  sought-after artist in the genre of crossover music making orchestral arrangements for such varied projects as the symphonic concert of the Swiss band Lovebugs or Vladimir Klitschko’s label release event.

MMS18023 • IN LOVE AND WAR (I krig & kærlighed) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Orchestrated by ROBIN HOFFMANN
Release date (digital): November 16, 2018
Release date (CD): TBC (Quartet Records)


1 Sig nærmer tiden (Rosalinde Mynster) 2:56
2 Love Theme 2:07
3 Going to War 3.40
4 Tank Attack 2:26
5 Marie and Jes 2:05
6 Alone in the Snow 2:03
7 Family Portrait 1:32
8 I Want to Be Here 2:23
9 Back to War 1:48
10 Where’s Esben? 3:06
11 Lonely Escape 4:27
12 Behind Curtains 1:55
13 Dead or Alive 3:18
14 Crossroads 2:35
15 Esben’s Return 1:45
16 Point of No Return 4:48
17 Confession 1:50
18 Alone in the Attic 2:35
19 The Mill 2:04
20 Families Falling Apart 2:35
21 Emperor’s Reception 2:56
22 Drive Me Home 2:26
23 Sit Down! 2:14
24 I’m Right Here (Finale) 10:02
25 In Love and War (End Credits) 4:31
26 Sig Nærmer Tiden (Reprise) (Rosalinde Mynster) 3:19

    In Love and War (Robin Hoffmann)