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Jasper (Florian Tessloff)

Jasper (Florian Tessloff)


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Anyone who fairly recently became a parent is familiar with Jasper, the charming penguin and antihero who is the main character of an animated television series produced by German company Toons ‘n’ Tales.

Jasper has now taken the step from the small to the big screen, appropriately accompanied by a wonderful orchestral score that effectively echoes this epic transition to the silver screen. Jasper und das Limonadenkomplott just premiered theatrically in Austria and Germany and is awaiting international distribution. 30-year old German composer Florian Tessloff – who started out as an assistant to Mark Isham and co-scored last year’s acclaimed The Baader Meinhof Complex with Peter Hinderthuer, has written a charming, entertaining and exciting orchestral score for the film.

MovieScore Media is proud to introduce to you yet another rising film scoring comet!

MMS09019 • JASPER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by FLORIAN TESSLOFF
Release date: September 22, 2009


1 Jasper’s Egg 1.27
2 More Icebergs… 2.30
3 Stolen Eggs 2.53
4 South Pole Adventures 1.33
5 This Is Not a Game 1.59
6 He’s Green! 1.08
7 Secret Agent Kakapo 1.37
8 My Little Lucifer 1.09
9 Junior’s Lullaby 0.57
10 Find the Right Button 0.48
11 Lucifer’s Rodeo 1.04
12 To the Rescue 0.43
13 You’re the Best Friend I Ever Had 0.47
14 I’m Sorry 0.45
15 The Egg-o-Masher 1.25
16 Are You Scared? 1.13
17 Mission Impossible 1.22
18 Finding Junior 1.42
19 The Temple of Chemistry 2.26
20 The Meltdown 4.43
21 Penguin Ambassador 4.11
22 We’ll Have Another Secret Adventure 1.09
23 Preparing the Mission 2.01

    Jasper (Florian Tessloff)