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Jeux d’influence (Raf Keunen)

Jeux d’influence (Raf Keunen)


MovieScore Media once again teams up with Raf Keunen, the composer of Racer and the Jailbird to release his latest score for the ARTE miniseries Jeux d’influence co-written and directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. When a farmer is diagnosed with leukemia following the spraying of his land with pesticide, a high-ranking politician and his ambitious assistant set out to get the substance banned. They are facing strong opposition by the agricultural conglomerate Saskia – at least until the company’s marketing director is found dead in The Seine. It seems that the arguments around the pesticide has far-reaching consequences as more investigations are launched into the dark background of the Saskia corporation.

“We started developing the musical concept even before shooting the series“ says composer Raf Keunen about the project. “We used glass and metal percussion to anchor the characters, strings to accentuate their struggle and intense emotions, and a recurring piano motif that goes in and out of tune to symbolize the irony of it all.“ The ensemble score is characterized by the inventive use of percussion and a memorable, suspenseful cello solo over the top of a minimalistic orchestral basis to highlight both the industrial espionage element as well as the human interest story within the screenplay.

Raf Keunen studied composition and orchestration at the Royal Music School of Brussels. He started his career by writing for the shorts of Michael R. Roskam with whom he eventually collaborated on the Oscar-nominated crime thriller Bullhead. His other important collaborator include Roel Mondelaers with whom he worked on Plan Bart (2014) and Kamen Kalev for whom he scored Tête Baissée (2015). More recently Raf has composed for the short Dead of a Shadow which itself was a nominee at the Oscars Academy 2013. His previous score for Le fidéle (Racer and the Jailbird) was also issued by MovieScore Media. Raf’s current projects include Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s latest series, Laëtitia, the score for The Room starring Olga Kurylenko, and the score for the a Norwegian-Swedish production The Spy.

MMS19022 JEUX D’INFLUENCE (Original Music from the TV Series)
Music Composed by RAF KEUNEN
Release date (digital): July 19, 2019


1 Main Theme 1:03
2 Clinic 0:55
3 Meeting 1:04
4 Searching 1:17
5 To Oostende 2:36
6 Envelope 2:21
7 Morgue 1:15
8 Mistress 2:02
9 Claire and Chloe 2:04
10 Pas de Deux 1:36
11 Rats 1:12
12 Nothing to Say 1:31
13 Archives 2:20
14 The Defense 0:50
15 Gosset 1:45
16 Percy 1:54
17 The Pursuit 2:16
18 Sorensen 1:32
19 Bowman and Percy 0:56
20 Danger 1:42
21 Screaming in the Fields 0:57
22 Montage 1:24
23 Influences 0:53
24 Drugged 1:44
25 Suzanne and Chloe 1:40
26 Leaving the Clinic 1:45
27 End Credits 1:36

    Jeux d’influence (Raf Keunen)