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Julgamento (Nuno Malo)

Julgamento (Nuno Malo)


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MovieScore Media proudly presents Portugal’s number one film composer, 32-year old Nuno Malo. Classically trained in London and a film music post grad at University of Southern California, Malo has written several beautiful orchestral scores that will see the day of light on the MovieScore Media label, and his dark symphonic score for the psychological drama, Julgamento, is our first.

This is a drama few have seen outside of Portugal, but the score is so strong that we simply had to produce this album for the international film music audience to enjoy. Malo’s thematic writing centers around long melodic lines and fully developed ideas, while his suspense writing is effectively built on ostinatos and short motifs.

The orchestra is augmented by unusual instruments such as the Ukrainian Bandura and bowed dulcimer, giving the score a fresh air of originality in terms of its colors.

MMS10018 • JULGAMENTO (The Trial) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by NUNO MALO
Release date (CD/download): September 28, 2010


1 Julgamento Prelude 4.48
2 Frantic Chase 3.03
3 At the Cemetery (Main Theme) 1.01
4 The Torture Chamber 1.40
5 Jaime’s Theme 3.40
6 Miguel’s First Flashback 1.09
7 Nightmare and Confession 4.04
8 Jaime and Joana 6.02
9 Joana’s Shock 3.16
10 Police Investigations 1.57
11 The Open Fields 4.44
12 Mendes Being Tortured 1.11
13 The Courtroom 0.59
14 Henrique and His Wife 1.46
15 Catarina Searches 1.11
16 Miguel’s Second Flashback 0.55
17 Final Confrontation 3.24
18 End Title: Julgamento 3.17
19 Trailer (Bonus Track) 1.40

    Julgamento (Nuno Malo)