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Laid to Rest (Deadbox)

Laid to Rest (Deadbox)


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American independent horror film Laid to Rest features an aggressive and unsettling original score which avoids the usual genre cliches: instead of a stinger-filled low budget score featuring the usual abundance of sampled string effects and pre-fabricated orchestral stabs, director Robert Hall decided to create an experimental avant garde soundtrack performed by his own metal band Deadbox featuring Robert Hall, Thomas Dekker, Jason M. Hall and Andrew Bentler. The result is an unusual horror score which is effective and horrific, but also a lot of fun!

The film, which stars Bobbi Sue Luther, Lena Headey and Kevin Gage, was released by Anchor Bay in April.

MMD0006 • LAID TO REST (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by DEADBOX
Release date: June 9, 2009


1 Main Titles 1.48
2 Not from Police 0.41
3 Escape from Funeral 0.50
4 Prelude to a Princess 0.36
5 Death of Cindy 1.05
6 Cheaters 1.22
7 Jail Cell 1.02
8 Escaping the Sheriff’s Station 0.59
9 That’s Where I’m From 3.02
10 You’re Dead 0.56
11 The Plan 2.40
12 The Barn 3.03
13 Save Princess 0.53
14 Which Casket? 2.17
15 We Might Have a Problem 0.45
16 The Trunk and the Truth 2.41
17 Sexy Bitches 1.06
18 Shotgun 1.03
19 Tired of Games 0.58
20 Goodbye 2.52
21 Princess 2.58

    Laid to Rest (Deadbox)