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Last Knights (Martin Tillman & Satnam Ramgotra)

Last Knights (Martin Tillman & Satnam Ramgotra)


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MovieScore Media unleashes the soundtrack for Lionsgate’s latest Medieval epic: released on April 3, Last Knights, starring Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman, spans a sweeping adventure score by Martin Tillman and Satnam Ramgotra, two musicians whose work is featured in dozens of Hans Zimmer’s most epic scores (The Dark Knight, Man of Steel). Helmed by Japanese filmmaker Kazuaki Kiriya, this classic tale of honor, loyalty and vengeance follows a group of fallen warriors who rise against a corrupt and sadistic ruler in order to avenge their dishonored master. The score is provided by two musicians who forged their compositional skills through collaborations with Hans Zimmer and also recruited Belgian singer Natacha Atlas to lend her haunting vocals to the music.

World-renown cellist Martin Tillman began his collaborations with Zimmer on The Fan and has since played on several of his scores, including The Pirates of the Caribbean films or The Ring franchise. As a composer, he contributed to Michael Mann’s Ali and is co-credited composer on The Ring Two. Satnam Ramgotra is the extraordinary percussionist performing on dozens of scores ranging from Christopher Nolan’s Inception to family friendly entertainment like Despicable Me. Tillman and Ramgotra had previously played together on scores like The Dark Knight trilogy, Angels & Demons or Rush – now they team up as composers for this adventure.

The soundtrack offers an exciting program of Zimmer-inspired action music akin to his King Arthur score. Considering the two composers own careers as musicians, the music features excellent cello and percussion parts for the Medieval sieges and battles, but there’s more to the score than great power anthems. The story’s focus on vengeance and loyalty offers a great contrast between the dark cues of deception and the heroic, noble anthems of pledged alliance, empowered by the powerful vocal performance of Natacha Atlas. Featuring an hour’s worth of excellent action, adventure and suspense music, Last Knights will be a delight to fans of The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons and other Zimmer scores where Tillman and Ramgotra show their talents as featured soloists.

MMS15018 • LAST KNIGHTS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): April 14, 2015


1 Eviction 3:35
2 Attack 2:25
3 Advantage 2:28
4 Battle 4:16
5 Journey 3:44
6 Chess 2:48
7 Construction 1:43
8 Emperor 4:45
9 Castle
10 Naomi 3:25
11 Traitor 2:34
12 Capital 4:20
13 Allise 7:14
14 Free 2:57
15 Devotion 5:04
16 Mirror 3:08
17 Rescue 1:28
18 Last Knights 2:54


    Last Knights (Martin Tillman & Satnam Ramgotra)