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Last Passenger (Liam Bates)

Last Passenger (Liam Bates)


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Liam Bates created a throwback score that perfectly defines the action and intense drama of Last Passenger.  For his efforts in foregoing modern technology (computer enhanced sound, etc.), he should be well applauded. (Melissa Minners, G-Pop)

Co-inciding with the theatrical release of the film in United Kingdom, MovieScore Media and Kronos Records releases Irish composer Liam Bates’ high-octane action score for Last Passenger, an intense genre movie taking place on a speeding London commuter train.

Influenced by some of the most stylish and effective of Jerry Goldsmith’s action scores from the 1970s and 1980s, Bates has composed a truly exciting, dark and interesting orchestral score that will attract fans of classic action film scoring. Director Omid Nooshin wanted a score “unrepentantly musical and expressive, a throwback to a bygone era of thrillers which inspired my movie in the first place.” Hence, the orchestrations features an emphasis on brass and percussion with a lot of agitato string writing in the rhythmic writing, juxtaposed by reflective melodic themes. Film music surprise of the year?

MMS13014/KRONCD028 • LAST PASSENGER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by LIAM BATES
Release date (digital): October 21, 2013
Release date (CD): November 19, 2013


1 Last Passenger: The Driver Speaks 2:38
2 Trainsurfing 3:43
3 Max and the Triceratops 1:22
4 Knuckles and Couplings 2:31
5 Hand Brake 3:40
6 Sarah’s Refelctions 1:30
7 Level Crossing 3:16
8 Vestibule 2:57
9 Crash at the Crossing 1:30
10 Elaine 1:01
11 Setting the Train Alight 3:43
12 Sleepers 1:45
13 No Brakes 1:18
14 Leap of Faith 4:02
15 Embers 1:20

    Last Passenger (Liam Bates)