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Let the Right One In (Johan Söderqvist)

Let the Right One In (Johan Söderqvist)


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One of the most acclaimed feature films of 2008, Swedish horror drama Let the Right One In has won over a dozen international film awards, including top honours at the Tribeca Film Festival, Woodstock and Sitges. Following the US premiere of the film on October 24, MovieScore Media releases the strikingly original orchestral score by acclaimed Swedish composer Johan Söderqvist (Things We Lost in the Fire, Brothers, After the Wedding), who has crafted a very personal score.

The music effectively juxtaposes elements of melodic beauty with dark and ominous textures (including the use of the unusual instrument, the bass waterphone).

“Writing the music for Let the Right One In gave me a rare opportunity to write a score that consists of both darkness and light. The filmmakers weren´t looking for your typical horror soundtrack. The most important quality of the music in this film had to be melody and harmony, so even if the overall tone of the film and the score is dark and atmospheric, there is always a sense of hope and beauty,” composer Johan Söderqvist says.

MMS08022 • LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOHAN SÖDERQVIST
Online release date: November 11, 2008.
CD release date: November 18, 2008.


1 The Arrival 2.46
2 Eli and Oscar 3.12
3 Eli’s Theme 2.41
4 The Slaughter 2.49
5 Oscar in Love 2.11
6 Hiding the Body 1.34
7 After the Fight 1.06
8 Oscar Strikes Back 1.37
9 Virginia Wakes Up 1.10
10 The Father 1.47
11 Spotting a Victim 1.12
12 Giving Up 2.20
13 Death of Håkan 2.18
14 Virginia Is Bitten 2.31
15 Then We Are Together 2.42
16 Virginia in Flames 2.15
17 Eli Bleeds 1.45
18 Related by Blood 1.34
19 Lacke Dies 1.47
20 Going Home 1.40
21 Let the Right One In 5.49

    Let the Right One In (Johan Söderqvist)