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Lo (Scott Glasgow)

Lo (Scott Glasgow)


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Love is a tricky little devil. In Travis Betz’s unusual chamber piece Lo, the main character travels to hell to search for love and passion – and while most of the film takes place in a single room, the original music evokes the most vivid of emotions.

Composer Scott Glasgow emphasizes both the dark and comic elements of the film in his music, which incorporates portions of Saint-Saëns’ ‘Dance Macabre’ as well as influences by Paganini’s “devilish” violin music. The solo violin parts, sometimes delightfully scratchy and playful, sometimes soaringly passionate, were performed by Mark Robertson. Lo is our fourth album together with the highly talented Scott Glasgow – if you haven’t already, you should check out his scores for Chasing Ghosts, Hack! and Toxic.

MMS10002 • LO (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by SCOTT GLASGOW
Release date (CD/download): February 23, 2009


1 Summoning the Demon, Lo 2.46
2 The Possessed Hand 1.11
3 Face to Face 2.11
4 Talking to the Hand 2.02
5 Dance Macabre (avec des interruptions) 3.18
6 Gift of the Magi(c) Book 5.24
7 Lo Plays Games 3.30
8 Recitative & Silhouettes 6.00
9 The Demon, Jeez 1.06
10 Love, Misunderstood 2.20
11 The Power of Lo 3.38
12 Demon Fight 2.56
13 Edge of Sanity / Justin Takes Control 4.46
14 Duality 5.05
15 Love Theme From “Lo” 1.26
16 Camille Dances with Jerry (bonus track) 4.11
17 Recitative (harpsichord version) (bonus track) 1.13
18 Incantation (bonus track) 3.03

    Lo (Scott Glasgow)