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Lost Years: A People’s Struggle for Justice (Darren Fung)

Lost Years: A People’s Struggle for Justice (Darren Fung)


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Directed by Kenda Gee and Tom Radford, Lost Years: A People’s Struggle for Justice is a political and historical documentary about Chinese immigrants in North America and Oceania, featuring an immensely beautiful orchestral score by Canadian composer Darren Fung, who employed the forces of the China National Symphony Orchestra for the recording of the music.

The score mirrors the epic proportions of the narrative, spanning over 150 years, and is a mix of traditional western orchestral writing and Chinese folk music, featuring instruments such as the erhu and pipa. The score was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for ‘Best Original Music for a Non-Fiction Program or Series’.

MMD0025 • LOST YEARS: A PEOPLE’S STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by DARREN FUNG
Release date (digital only): February 5, 2013


1 Opening Title Credits 1:29
2 Chinatown Explorer 1:02
3 Gold Mountain 2:16
4 Distant Reunion 2:25
5 Angel Island, Ellis Island 2:07
6 Futures Not So Known 1:48
7 Leaving Home 1:24
8 An UNtold Past 1:19
9 Old China, New China 2:57
10 Gone Without a Trace 2:50
11 Fractured Reconciliation 1:58
12 What Could Have Been 3:18
13 Returning Home 1:21
14 The Next Chapter 2:40
15 For Those Who Follow 2:46
16 Chop Suey 1:02

    Lost Years: A People’s Struggle for Justice (Darren Fung)