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Max Manus (Trond Bjerknes)

Max Manus (Trond Bjerknes)


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One of the most succesful Norwegian films ever, World War 2 action thriller Max Manus, premiered before Christmas in Norway and was met with great enthusiasm both by the audience and by critics. Directed by Joachim Roenning, the film tells the true story about one of the most brilliant saboteurs during the war, portrayed by Aksel Hennie.

The original orchestral music for the film is composed by one of Norway’s leading film composers, Trond Bjerknes, who penned an accurately dark and exciting score accompanying the suspense and drama of the film – and the inner conflicts experienced by the film’s hero. Bjerknes’ previous scores include Swedish action hit Hamilton and the Norwegian horror film Dark Woods.

MMD0002 • MAX MANUS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by TROND BJERKNES
Release date: January 20, 2009


1 Opening 1.41
2 The Window Jumper 2.03
3 Military Training 1.55
4 Donau Attack 4.41
5 Before Donau 2.05
6 Burning the Archive 3.28
7 Liquidations 1.55
8 The Bridge 1.47
9 The Train 1.56
10 Limpets on Aker 5.17
11 Tikken and Max 1.32
12 Execution 1.35
13 Control Post 3.05
14 Propaganda Montage 1.19
15 Max and Hitler 2.49
16 Ski Ride 2.12
17 The End 1.45
18 Max Manus 1.25
19 End Credits 2.56

    Max Manus (Trond Bjerknes)