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“Then there is Max Sweiry with that sexy score, Sweiry always pulls it out the bag.” (365 Flicks)

400 Bullets (Max Sweiry)

MovieScore Media continues its string of collaborations with composer Max Sweiry and director Tom Paton (Black Site, The Ascent). Set in the cold mountains of Afghanistan, 400 Bullets is a military actioner about what it means to fight for honor instead of profit, combining gun battles, epic hand-to-hand fight sequences and the banter of hardened soldiers into a lean, two-fisted film that packs a wallop. The score follows suit with an atmospheric ambient score sprinkled with bursts of high-octane energy when the going gets tough. The original rap song “Won’t Stop”, performed by the composer himself, caps off this intense package.

“We decided early on that the 400 Bullets score would benefit from both traditional and contemporary instrumentation,” explains Max Sweiry about his contributions. “To give it the feeling of a military action film set in today’s modern age, we utilised the talents of co-composers within the electronic music industry, giving the score an intense ‘cutting edge’ which allowed for contrasting elements to have an even bigger impact on the viewers’. As well as powerful modernised drum sections in the fight scenes, the longer more drawn out drone pads act perfectly as tension builders and the traditional classical scoring helps to initiate a thought provoking response. Through its instrumentation and arrangement the score portrays a vast emotional pallette to perfectly accompany the film, helping the viewer to get inside the minds of Rana and Noah as they embark on their noble mission.”

London based composer Max Sweiry started his musical studies by playing the cello, appearing with youth orchestras all across Britain. He received his degree of Music Production at Leeds College of Music with Honours. He has been working together with writer/director Tom Paton since Pandorica (2016), including Black Site (2018). The main focus of their collaborations is diversity, ranging from the 80s electronica soundscape of Black Site through the enhanced suspense music of The Ascent to the outer space rampage of G-Loc – both of which are available from MovieScore Media.

MMS21008 400 BULLETS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MAX SWEIRY
Release date (digital): March 12, 2021

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