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Betrayed (Johan Söderqvist)

Original score from the 2021 world war 2 drama feature film directed by Eirik Svensson, starring Nicolai Cleve Broch, Anders Danielsen Lie and Jakob Oftebro, produced by Fantefilm and released by Samuel Goldwyn Films (USA).

THE STORY: On November 26, 1942, hundreds of Jews are picked up by the police and transported to the dock in Oslo. Unknowing and frightened, they are forced on board the awaiting German cargo ship SS Donau. The ship leaves Oslo with 532 Norwegian Jews; 302 men, 188 women and 42 children. The end station is Auschwitz.

THE SCORE: The music by Johan Söderqvist goes through a journey and transformation similar to the main characters. While character themes like “Sara” or emotional moments like “Sara’s Sacrifice” need organic instruments (with the latter featuring a haunting violin solo), the journey towards the concentration camps fades out the symphonic instruments in favour of carefully crafter ambience and sound design reflecting on the inhuman conditions of the destination in cues like “Windy Requiem” or “Auschwitz”. The album concludes with a full statement of the key thematic material in the “End Credits.”

THE COMPOSER: Johan Söderqvist is one of the busiest and most successful Scandinavian composers. He has collaborated on a regular basis with Danish director Susanne Bier for whom he scored Brothers (2004) the Oscar-nominated After the Wedding (2006), the Oscar-winning In a Better World (2010) and the romantic comedy Love Is All You Need (2012) – the latter two albums were released by MovieScore Media. His other credits include the Oscar-nominated Kon-Tiki (2014), the British/American horror The Limehouse Golem (2016) and the cult classic vampire film Let the Right One In (2008), another MSM release. His most recent releases on MovieScore Media include the historical drama Amundsen (2019) and The King’s Choice (2016), Norway’s official submission to the 88th Academy Awards.

MMS21045 BETRAYED (Den største førbrytelsen) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOHAN SÖDERQVIST
Release date (digital): December 17, 2021

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