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Body Fat Index of Love (Pessi Levanto)

Original score from the 2012 comedy feature film directed by Mikko Kuparinen, starring Mikko Nousiainen, Severi Saarinen and Miina Maasola, produced by Matila Röhr Productions and released by Nordisk Film (Finland). Original title: Rakkauden rasvaprosentti.

THE STORY: Stigu and Ella have a sex relationship. Stigu, secretly in love, settles for what he can get because Ella wants nothing more. Suddenly they find themselves in a same work project.

THE SCORE: “I wanted the music to be light and playful and to have an underlying groove to keep things rolling nicely along as it’s not the most serious of movies. So I used latin percussion, light strings and woodwinds. This is also the first time I used a classical saxophone in a film score within the woodwind section to make the sound a little bit different.”Pessi Levanto

THE COMPOSER: Finnish composer Pessi Levanto is the first to be featured in the MovieScore Media Portfolio series. He has scored around twenty full-length feature films, thirty short films and documentaries plus miscellaneous spots and commercials. He has released seven records of his own and played in and done arrangements for dozens of others. Besides his film work, Pessi is a sought-after arranger. His project Classical Trancelations with the Helsinki Philharmonic, had sold-out shows of orchestral versions of club music classics. His scores for Oma maa, Swingers, Psychosia and recent TV series Piece of My Heart are also available from MovieScore Media. Among Levanto’s upcoming scores are the one he wrote for the Norwegian thriller, The Innocents, directed by Eskil Vogt and in competition at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival – the score album for this film is also set to be released by MovieScore Media later this year. 

MMS21053 MovieScore Media Portfolio
BODY FAT INDEX OF LOVE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PESSI LEVANTO
Release date (digital): July 9, 2021

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