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Go for Grandma (Fabrizio Mancinelli)

Original score from the 2023 fantasy short directed by Sabrina Doyle, starring Justine Lupe, Amy Madian and Jeena Platon, produced by Grade a Pictures and Larkin Lane Films (USA).

THE STORY: A journey into the mind of a young boy who escapes a neglectful home life through his grandmother’s love and the power of his imagination.

THE SCORE: “When Sabrina Doyle approached me to compose the score for her special featurette Go for Grandma, I was thrilled. It was an unparalleled chance to delve into my passion for 1980s orchestral fantasy music, which has always resonated deeply with me. Taking cues primarily from the script, I crafted a musical journey that perfectly mirrored the film’s fantastical elements—unicorns, dragons, ladybugs, and a dream sequence amidst the ocean. The score also includes moments of experimental flair and variations on the main theme that culminate in the end credits suite. I’m profoundly grateful to Sabrina, our director, Ron Cohen, our producer, and Scott Patterson, our executive producer, for their unwavering faith in me and their insistence on my involvement. My heartfelt thanks also goto our editor, Banner Gwin, whose collaborative spirit greatly enriched the creative process. And, of course, I owe immense gratitude to the Synchron Stage Orchestra, my music team, and the Skywalker Sound team, whose invaluable contributions were essential in achieving these results.” – Fabrizio Mancinelli

THE COMPOSER: Fabrizio Mancinelli, recognized as a composer, songwriter, and conductor, has left his mark onnumerous projects. Notable among these are compositions for Disney’s Growing Up with NineOld Men, Universal’s The Snow Queen 4: Mirrorlands” and the gripping thriller Coyote Lake. He has also led orchestral recordings for Kris Bowers, contributing to acclaimed works like Universal’s Green Book, Warner Bros.’ The Color Purple, and Paramount’s Bob Marley: One Love”. Recently, Fabrizio showcased his talents in both music and lyrics for the musical feature film The Land of Dreams, earning nominations for the 2023 World Soundtrack Award and an SCL Award. His diverse portfolio includes projects such as the Rai Cinema thriller “The Boat,” the indie comedy”Jailbird,” and the Live Action Featurette “Go for Grandma,” premiering at AFI Fest in 2023. Fabrizio’s collaboration with Oscar winner Richard M. Sherman on Andreas Deja’s Mushka earned him a Hollywood Music in Media Award and an SCL Award Nomination. 

SC24009 GO FOR GRANDMA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by FABRIZIO MANCINELLI
Release date: March 22, 2024

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