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A magnificent and equally beguiling score..” (EPD Film)

“First-rate sound work (notably the music composed by Sóley Stefansdottir and Malcom Arison)…” (Cineuropa)

“Wonderful score…” (Kultur Kueche)

Gondola (Malcolm Arison/Sóley)

Original score from the 2024 drama feature film directed by Veit Helmer, starring Mathilde Irrmann, Nino Soselia and Naira Chichinadze, produced by Veit Helmer Filmproduktion and released by JIP Film und Verleih (Germany).

THE STORY: Two female cable car operators fall in love as they pass each other in their gondolas.

THE SCORE: “This is a film which takes its time, a poetic story which slowly unravels among the Georgian mountains, valleys and in the skies above. It has its own rhythms and atmospheres, this, and the changing moods, I attempted to underscore with my music. I was inspired by Veit Helmer’s vision and very fortunate to enjoy the creative input in many of the compositions of my friend, musician and arranger, Thomas Holzhausen. Gondola not being a silent film in the conventional sense, a special balance and interaction between music and atmospheric sound was required. For example, to recreate a piece played by villagers on home-made improvised instruments, hammers, saws, bottles and wash tubs, I used field recordings made by Veit Helmer in Georgia and had the excellent support of arranger/musician Lucas Sehnert. In recording the diverse styles of music which I employed – mambo, tango, waltz, oriental, swing, I am proud to say I had first class musicians at my side, above all Semjon Barlas on trumpet and horn arrangements and his wife Kati Barlas on violin and of course Thomas and Lucas. One particular musical highlight is the duet sung to the tango – a sensuous, yet flippant and flirty conversation sung between Sóley Stefánsdóttir and my daughter Jody Albert. A constant artistic inspiration and guide to me, as in all my musical endeavors for film, has been my wife Stefanie Albert.”Malcolm Arison

THE COMPOSERS: Manchester born Malcolm Arison settled in Berlin where he pursued a career as musician and composer spanning several decades. A multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, mandolin, and harmonica, it was above all his proficiency on the harmonica which brought him into the public eye. He is a longstanding member of the multi-platinum and gold awarded band The BossHoss and as well as touring and recording with them, he enjoys occasional guest appearances and recording features on the harmonica with well-known artists. In 2014 Malcolm was commissioned to write songs and score by film director Veit Helmer for his unconventional children’s film Fiddlesticks, this was the beginning of a fruitful period of collaboration in which Malcolm has contributed music to four of Veit’s films.

Born in Hafnarfjörður in Iceland, Sóley Stefánsdóttir grew up surrounded by music – her father was a trombone player and music teacher, studied the piano at Icelandic Art Academy and quickly sought her own musical path. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has attracted a huge following with her fairy-tale song craft since launching her solo career in 2010 with the release of her EP “Theater Island”, followed by her debut album “We Sink” in 2011. Later, after the dark, nocturnal theme of her sophomore album “Ask The Deep”, she focused on more organic acoustic arrangements for “Endless Summer”. Sóley has wowed audiences worldwide with her delicate, dream-like compositions soaked in dark surrealism. In 2021, she released her fourth solo album, “Mother Melancholia”. Gondola is the first feature film Sóley has worked on as a composer.

MMS24012 GONDOLA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MALCOLM ARISON & SÓLEY
Release date (digital): March 15, 2024

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