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Good People (Eloi Ragot)

Original score from the 2022 crimed drama television series directed by Stéphane Bergmans, Benjamin d’Apist and Matthieu Donck, starring Lucas Meister, Michaël Abiteboul and Dominique Pinon, released by ARTE (France, Germany).

THE STORY: In the night, an emergency call to the police: a car accident, the female passenger has been killed. The driver and husband Tom survived. What nobody knows: Tom himself faked the accident. Philippe is the only colleague who suspects.

THE SCORE: “Since I knew the creators of the show so well after having worked with them on the two seasons of La Trêve (“The Break”), they involved me very early in the process while they were still writing, casting people, scouting… so in fact still looking for the look and colors of the series. I directly started writing music and they enjoyed the western atmosphere of my tracks and pushed me more in this direction. I think 80 to 90% of the score was written before the shooting. Thus the editors could use is to assemble the pictures and they were no temp music at all, which really is a big relief. During post-production I did reworked some tracks and created a few new ones as we discovered the music had to work on 2 levels: a quasi introspective one, close to the characters emotions, but also a “fable” one, something more distant and ironic on this black comedy story. In terms of orchestration, it naturally meant for me something mainly organic: guitars & pianos with some effects and pads as well as an orchestra with a lead clarinet.” – Eloi Ragot 

THE COMPOSER: French-German film composer and multi-instrumentalist Eloi Ragot’s work includes the original music to international series such as the acclaimed belgian noir La Trêve (The Break), the crime series Keizersvrouwen (Women of the Night, co-written with Hannes de Maeyer), Belgium’s latest supernatural thriller Unseen (Invisible) as well as the German-Japanese football-centered thriller The Window and the upcoming German drama Haus Aus Glas (Inside a Family). Besides TV series, Eloi has been recently working on the Canadian feature film Jour de merde and the German family movie Ponyherz, that opened both in cinemas in 2023. Self-taught pianist and guitarist, Eloi is also a classically-trained trumpeter, studied musical analysis and writing and used to dj during his university years. He was selected to various artist-in-residence programs including the prestigious Berlinale Talent in 2017 & Cannes’ Next Steps Musical Session.

MMS24015 GOOD PEOPLE (Des gens biend) (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ELOI RAGOT
Release date: March 29, 2024

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