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Halloween Park (Karusell) (Cristian Sandquist)

Original score from the 2023 horror feature film directed by Simon Sandquist, starring Omar Rudberg, Wilma Lidén and Amanda Lindh, produced by Scandinavian Content Group and released by Splendid Film (Germany) and Nordisk Film (Sweden).

THE STORY: An exclusive private Halloween night at Liseberg quickly turns into a true nightmare.

THE SCORE: “Doing a movie score is never simple nor easy, but it can be fun, and this one really was. Having read the script, talking with the director and producers, we figured out the ”sound world” of the score. And then, later on, screening an early version of the film with the director we sorted out the general dynamic and emotional arcs. The whole score ended up being comprised of 32 cues – 72 of the 87 minute film was scored. After some considerations, my first priority in the score became the villain. Like most bad guys in these kind of movies he doesn’t say very much, he’s not very happy and he never runs. I came up with a very simple, slow three note motif not rooted in major or minor. This freed me up to play the more emotional and big heroic stuff in minor key without it being connected to the crazy murderer. I created a good amount of original Kontakt instruments from my own samples (including a vintage Oberheim OB-Xa, Make Noise Strega, a Brazilian made EMW WCS-1 synth and my old Ensoniq EPS sampler). Karusell is a wildly dynamic score with lots of twists and turns, ups and downs and things happening around every corner. Much like the experience of a really good amusement park!” – Cristian Sandquist

THE COMPOSER: Cristian Sandquist was born in Stockholm in 1970. As a member of the band Yale Bate, he won the Swedish Rock Championships in 1988, and subsequently began composing for films, commercials and the stage. He scored and co-produced the Academy Award nominated short Victor in 1998 and made his feature film scoring debut with The Invisible in 2002, directed by Simon Sandquist. Cristian co-produced and scored the comedy Studentfesten in 2013. Cristian’s clients as a composer includes NASA and JPL (the Emmy Award winning interactive program Cassini’s Grand Finale), Microsoft, Samsung and Redbull.

MMS23016 HALLOWEEN PARK (Karusell) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date: October 20, 2023

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