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“David James Nielsen is a magnificent composer. You can see that as soon as you hear the first cut of ‘Haunting Villisca’. (BSO Spirit)

Haunting Villisca (David James Nielsen)

David James Nielsen is a very talented up and coming composer whose credits so far include the award-winning horror film Tales from Beyond, the fantasy film Small Town Folk (starring Warwick Davis) – and Haunting Villisca, an atmospheric ghost story based on the true story of Iowa’s histori, unsolved Villisca axe murders and the actual paranormal investigations there.

The film is directed by James Serpento and was shot on location at the actual house where the murders took place in 1912. Nielsen’s strikingly rich orchestral score, recorded in Prague and conducted by Adam Klemens, features several beautiful themes for solo instruments such as cello, harp and flute, working as an effective contrast to the atmospheric and eerie suspense music.

Haunting Villisca is yet another example of a low budget score that really sounds like it was written for a very good, big Hollywood movie. For more info about the film, please visit the official web site!

MMS07012 • HAUNTING VILLISCA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date: October 30, 2007

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