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Have You Heard About Greg? (Timothy Williams, Chad Cannon and Jesse Carmichael)

Original score from the 2021 documentary feature film directed by Steve Ecclesine, produced by Smart Show Entertainment, released by Falling Forward Films (USA).

THE STORY: A unique cinematic journey that puts a human face on the most terrifying disease of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, shining a light on issues that affect 50% of Americans over the age of 55.

THE SCORE: “When Steve Ecclesine approached me to create a score for his documentary about his childhood friend, Greg O’Brien, dealing with Alzheimer’s, I immediately thought this film is not just about the disease, but about the community that supports Greg. In that spirit, I approached two great composer friends of mine: Chad Cannon (American Factory) and Jesse Carmichael (Maroon 5) to ask if they would help me co-score this beautiful documentary. They fell in love with the story of struggle, courage and love as I had done. One of my dearest school friends has struggled with Alzheimers over the last few years and has declined rapidly, so it is a personal matter for me. I am hoping this film will help and comfort those too who have friends or relatives suffering and help us defeat this disease.” – Timothy Williams

THE COMPOSERS: Timothy Williams is a multi-award winning composer best known for his work on Brightburn, Get Out, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Deadpool 2, Hobbs and Shaw, Butterfly Circus and Robert Duvall’s Wild Horses. A graduate of the National Film and Television School, Williams has won numerous awards and currently holds over 110 feature film credits. Besides the movies above for which he orchestrated and wrote additional music for, Williams also conducted the scores for Christopher Robin, Hidden Figures, Annabelle Creation, It and It 2. His and Kieran Kiely’s score for Finding You has been released by MovieScore Media.

Composer Chad Cannon got his film scoring background in the orchestration team of Conrad Pope on Alexandre Desplat’s Godzilla and the last two The Hobbit films. His music for Paper Lanterns was nominated for Best Original Score for a Documentary IFMCA Award while the composer was also nominated for Breakthrough Film Composer of the Year. Chad frequently works on Asian projects as he is also the founder of the Asia / America New Music Institute (AANMI), which promotes music relationships between the two continents. MSM’s previous collaborations with him include The Cairo Declaration (co-composed with Ye Xiaogang), Devil’s Tree: Rooted in Evil and the documentaries Qinghai: Our National Park as well as Exposing Muybridge.

RB02003 HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT GREG? (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): May 6, 2022

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