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Numb / Kettle of Fish / Coney Island Baby (Ryan Shore)

Original scores from the 2007 romantic comedy feature film, Numb, directed by Harris Goldberg, starring Lynn Collins, Matthew Perry and Mary Steenburgen; the 2006 romantic comedy feature film, Kettle of Fish, directed by Claudia Myers, starring Matthew Modine, Gina Gershon and Christy Scott Cashman; and the 2002 drama comedy feature film, Coney Island Baby, directed by Amy Hobby, starring Laura Fraser, Hugh O’Conor and
Andy Nyman.

THE STORY (NUMB): A chronically depressed screenwriter desperately tries to cure his condition when he meets the girl of his dreams.

THE STORY (KETTLE OF FISH): A lifelong bachelor confronts his intimacy issues when he sublets his apartment to a fetching biologist. His heartsick fish and his wise best buddy are on hand to provide perspective.

THE STORY (CONEY ISLAND BABY): A touching and humorous story about a man who gets cold feet, leaving his bride at the altar. On return to mend their relationship, he finds she is engaged to another man.

THE SCORES: An exciting collection of three jazz and bluesorientated film works composed by Ryan Shore (Prime, The Girl Next Door, Headspace). This is possibly his most personal album so far, given his background in jazz as saxophone player. The score for Numb, the acclaimed Matthew Perry drama that won the Audience Award at the Gen Art Film Festival, showcases a restrained melodic approach featuring prominent use of the Rhodes electric piano, while the story of Coney Island Baby gives room for a cool rhythm n’ blues score.

MMS08012 • NUMB / KETTLE OF FISH / CONEY ISLAND BABY (Music from the Motion Pictures)
Music Composed by RYAN SHORE
Release date: June 17, 2008

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