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Splinter (Joris Hermy)

Original score from the 2023 drama television series directed by Brecht De Groot, starring Koen De Bouw, Eliza Stuyck and Sofia Ferri, produced by Eyeworks, released by VTMGO.

THE STORY: When the well-disciplined, promising athlete Splinter hears the diagnosis that she will never run again after suffering a crippling fall on the track, she decides to leave home for a new life in the city, searching for independence and a new goal in life.

THE SCORE: “Writing music to picture is often so much more than playing a suitable tune on a piano. For one it’s making decisions on every turn of the creative way. With Splinter I was blessed to collaborate with the up and coming director Brecht De Groot for a very first time. From the very first musical steps it felt that Brecht and I were making those decisions together. The music for Splinter should feel warm and welcoming with intimate piano chords, but not too classical in sound. It needed a more contemporary touch, with additional fresh sounds without being overly modern nor weird. Something to come home to sort of speak without too much push on the dramatic elements as well. At times it was a difficulty to find an organic balance between all these elements, but thanks to the wonderful acting, photography and direction I think Brecht and I managed to create something warm and quite personal indeed. “Joris Hermy

THE COMPOSER: Belgian composer Joris Hermy has worked for diverse popular television networks like VTM (Kzoom), VIER & RTL Telekids and a loyal base of respectable international clients like Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, Studio 100, Klomp! Animation, Audiocult, Brandy & Twice Entertainment to name a few. In recent years he scored multiple shorts, most notably the a Sundance audience-awarded short Avalon or the popular Marvel-based web series Bad Days, created by the legendary Stan Lee. His score for the TV series Gina & Chantal and the comedy feature De Zonen van Van As – De Cross were released by MovieScore Media. 

MMS23026 SPLINTER (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JORIS HERMY
Release date (digital): December 29, 2023

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