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“The score includes pieces that are boldly romantic, with others being action packed and driving pushed along by the use of strings, percussive elements, and brass all of which create a work that just blows one away.” (Movie Music International)

Stockholm Bloodbath (Steffen Thum)

Original score from the 2024 historical action feature film directed by Mikael Håfström, starring Emily Beecham, Alba August, Sophie Cookson and Claes Bang, produced by Nordisk Film and Viaplay Studios, and released by Scanbox Entertainment (Sweden/Denmark).

THE STORY: Anne and Freja seek revenge on the men who murdered their family. They end up in Stockholm, where they are drawn into a political power struggle between Sweden and Denmark which culminates in a mass execution.

THE SCORE: From the start, it became clear that Stockholm Bloodbath wasn’t going to be your usual medieval period piece, but a modern, bold and edgy tale of revenge. In a few ways, it almost felt like a Western to me. Loosely based on actual events that took place around 1520, it’s the story of two young Swedish women that are drawn into a political power struggle between Sweden and Denmark, culminating in a mass execution. As for the film, of course there’s tension, action and drama, but also a dark, twisted sense of humor and modern tone, which allowed me to explore all kinds of fun musical ideas, going beyond what I was used to hearing in films like this. Originally, the film was meant to feature several modern rock and folk songs – there’s only one song left in it now, but the idea of those songs would inform the DNA of the music I wanted to write: Combining orchestra with gritty guitars, drums and mangled vocals. On top of that, I also took inspiration from traditional nordic folk music, and I’m grateful for all the fantastic soloists I was able to record for this score.” – Steffen Thum

THE COMPOSER: With over 70 credits to his name, German composer Steffen Thum has garnered extensive experience across high profile studio films, TV series and ad campaigns, as well as independent cinema and celebrated shorts. Steffen is best known for his work on feature films Crawl, iBOY, Looking Up and Warning Shot, among others. He first started a career in film post production before making his way into music, studying media composition and audio production in Germany as well as film scoring in Los Angeles, where he moved in 2013. In 2014, Steffen accepted a position at Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica, soon working closely with top composers Lorne Balfe, Hans Zimmer and others, providing additional music for a diverse range of titles, including Top Gun: Maverick, Mission Impossible: Fallour, Marvel’s Black Widow, Bad Boys for Life, Ad Astra, The Lego Batman Movie, as well as high-profile TV series like The Crown, Hunters and His Dark Materials. Since 2020, Steffen works independently from his studio in Berlin, Germany. Stockholm Bloodbath is his first release on MovieScore Media.

MMS24003 STOCKHOLM BLOODBATH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by STEFFEN THUM
Music Produced by LORNE BALFE
Release date: January 19, 2024

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