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 “A sweeping romantic epic sound that one just cannot resist.” (Movie Music International)

The Hopeful (Blake Robinson/Jonas Myrin)

Original score from the 2024 drama feature film directed by Kyle Portbury, starring Tommie-Amber Pirie, Gregory Wilson and Lynne Adams, produced by Hope Studios and released by Fathom Events (USA).

THE STORY: Aboard a steamship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in 1874, widower John Andrews delights the restless minds of his two children with a tale of courage, hope, war, and true love that begins with the end of the world.

THE SCORE: When my friend Kyle Portbury first invited me to score The Hopeful, despite my initial nerves of a feature film debut, I knew it was a project I had to be involved in. Not only was the story close to our hearts, but working with a talented filmmaker who lived just down the street felt like serendipity.  The Hopeful offered a chance to translate a powerful message of hope and anticipation into music. It was a story we both connected with deeply, both on a personal level and thematically. Scoring The Hopeful was a symphony of contrasts. Ellen’s theme, a warm gentle melody for flute and strings, paints her quiet determination, subtly blossoming and soaring with her growing strength and maturity. In stark contrast, Brother Himes’ infectious spirit leaps off the screen with a jubilant, adventurous melody, echoing the shared joy and enthusiasm their message ignites. Throughout the film, these themes intertwine, underscoring the film’s journey of hope and resilience. This journey wasn’t undertaken alone. I had the privilege of collaborating with the gifted songwriter Jonas Myrin, whose two original songs for the film resonate beautifully with the thematic threads woven throughout the score. Together, we aimed to create musical moments that complemented the film’s narrative. Adding another layer of emotional depth was composer Michael Price’s beautiful rising piano motif, introduced in the film’s opening cue. This recurring musical phrase served as a window into the soul of William Miller, capturing his introspective moments of processing and searching. Together, our combined efforts aimed to remind audiences of the transformative power of hope, not just in 1800s New England, but in our own hearts today.” – Blake Robinson

THE COMPOSER: Blake Robinson embarks on a new chapter in his musical journey with the score for his first feature film. Having established a reputation for creating intricate orchestral soundscapes in the world of video games and trailers (think Star Wars and Avatar), Robinson brings his signature sound to the big screen. A classically trained cellist, his passion for rich orchestration is balanced with a modern production sensibility.

MMS24016 THE HOPEFUL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by BLAKE ROBINSON
Release date: April 15, 2024

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