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Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)

Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)


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Although MovieScore Media and Screamworks Records hail from Sweden, we rarely release music from our own backyard – but here is a rare example of a Swedish horror score that stands out as a truly exciting genre work second to none of the better known Hollywood musical chillers. Psalm 21, a stylish psychological horror film with an abundance of religious motifs, standout visual effects and an eerie atmosphere, features a colourful orchestral score by Christer Christensson, a composer who wrote a lot of music for stage plays before writing this, his first full-blown feature film score. It’s an impressive debut where a lot of experimental techniques and ideas are used throughout the score but where the backbone of the music is thematic and melodic. One of the stand-out cues is called “Adagio: Words of Love”, where the strings build slowly and with great passion into the grand finale of the score. First edition of the CD is limited to 500 copies.

SWR11007 • PSALM 21 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date: November 1, 2011 (online) / November 8 (CD)


1 Introitus 1:33
2 O Father, Why Have You Left? 1:17
3 Out in the Forest and Into the Mind 4:23
4 Cantus Confessione 1:36
5 The Little Girl 1:19
6 Requiem for a Victim 1:40
7 Nightmare Elegy 2:16
8 A Call from the World Outside 2:09
9 What Is Truth? 2:00
10 What Do You Want From Me? 2:05
11 Romance for a Wounded Soul 3:07
12 Psalmus Unico 1:57
13 Miserere Patris, Miserere 7:02
14 Why, Henrik, Why? 3:35
15 In Pace 1:56
16 Reconciliation 4:13
17 Adagio: Words of Love 6:27
18 Hymnus 0:57

    Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)