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Real Humans (Äkta människor) (Rikard Borggård)

Real Humans (Äkta människor) (Rikard Borggård)


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It’s very well done and there are some wonderful cues to be found, you need headphones to pick up on all the great sounds this score offers. The synths, strings and piano make for a mesmerising soundscape. (Pete Simons, Synchrotones)

Critically acclaimed Swedish sci-fi TV series Real Humans (Äkta människor) just completed its second season in Sweden. A big success in France (under the title Real Humans: 100% Humain) and sold to over 50 countries, the intelligent series about a society where hubots (humanoid robots) are a part of everyday life, features a highly stylish electronica-driven score by Rikard Borggård. Contrasting elements of bleak, electronic colors and low-fi, organic experimentalism with warm – perhaps real human? – themes for piano, the music is an important part of the series’ strikingly original style. MovieScore Media’s digital album will be followed by a MSM/Kronos CD release in March.

MMS14003/KRONCD041 • REAL HUMANS (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed by RIKARD BORGGÅRD
Release date (digital): February 11, 2014
Release date (CD): March 25, 2014


1 Real Humans (Main Theme) 2:43
2 Introducing Mimi 1:04
3 The Family 1:44
4 Leo and Carl 2:14
5 By the Lake 2:14
6 Evacuation 3:04
7 Looking for Mimi 2:15
8 The Parsonage 1:54
9 Odi and Silas 2:40
10 The Field 2:10
11 Silas’ Childhood 1:38
12 Programming 2:04
13 Douglas and Florentine 2:36
14 Hubsec 1:44
15 The Virus 3:34
16 Bea 3:50
17 The Motel 2:20
18 Hubbattleland 2:34
19 Florentine’s Pain 3:04
20 Real Humans (Closing Theme) 1:32


    Real Humans (Äkta människor) (Rikard Borggård)