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[Rec] 3: Genesis (Mikel Salas)

[Rec] 3: Genesis (Mikel Salas)


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Highly entertaining… gorgeously shot with magnificent widescreen vistas of carnage, supported by a thumping score from Mikel Salas.” (The Digital Fix)    

As Variety pointed out in their positive review of the film, [Rec] 3: Genesis features a “full-blown score by Mikel Salas” that “moves things even further away from [Rec] 2, which had no musical accompaniment.” Indeed, the third entry in Paco Plaza’s acclaimed Rec series takes the franchise in a new direction and Screamworks Records is proud to present the first ever Rec score – an aggressive, but also sometimes poignant and beautiful, orchestral horror soundtrack that really delivers when it comes to blood-curling excitement.

Orchestrated by Arnau Bataller (whose score for La Sombra Prohibida: La Herencia Valdemar II was released by MovieScore Media last year), Mikel Salas [Rec] 3 music is a first-rate genre score where violence meets beauty – the aggressive, atonal cluster outbursts depicting zombie mayhem is expertly contrasted by the beautiful and somewhat nostalgic theme for the main character, Clara (Leticia Dolera).

CD release will coincide with the US DVD release of the film on November 6, 2012.

First edition of the CD is limited to 500 copies.

SWR12004 • [REC] 3: GENESIS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MIKEL SALAS
Release date (digital): September 18, 2012
Release date (CD): December 4, 2012


1 Cinemascope 1:39
2 Zombies 3:54
3 Clara 5:43
4 The Knights of Sant Jordi 1:21
5 Attack and Pray 4:01
6 John Esponja 1:14
7 Natalie 1:11
8 Mama 3:21
9 Uncle Víctor 2:39
10 Union: Part I 2:29
11 Union: Part II 5:40
12 After 2:42
13 You’ll Be a Helluva Father! 1:26
14 Always 4:04

    [Rec] 3: Genesis (Mikel Salas)