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Sanctuary (Joseph Conlan)

Sanctuary (Joseph Conlan)


Coinciding with the film’s general release on July 7, MovieScore Media’s latest release is Joseph Conlan’s score for the Irish romantic comedy Sanctuary. Directed by Len Collin, the film features a cast of actors with intellectual disabilities, telling a heartfelt tale of love against the odds. Care worker Tom (Robert Doherty) is tasked with taking a group to the cinema, but his charges disappear and to explore freedoms that most of us take for granted, such as shopping on one’s own, or going for a drink in a bar. In the main storyline, Larry (Kieran Coppinger), who has Down’s Syndrome and Sophie (Charlene Kelly) who has epilepsy, try to spend some romantic hours together, but laughter and tears make strange bedfellows. Premiering at the Galway Film Fleadh last year, Sanctuary sees a general release on July 7.

Composer Joseph Conlan explains how a good story can be the most helpful feature when writing music: “If the film is good, a film composer can be inspired by it. This film was extremely inspiring for me, due to the writing and the performances as directed by Len Collin, and by the subject of the film; people with Intellectual Disabilities falling in love with each other. Utilizing the plucky sounds a lot of guitar-like instruments, mallet instruments and invented colors out of left field, this romantic comedy gave me the chance to write a score that was light and fun and quirky, but then poignant and even dark at times. My favorite score in recent years.”

Among the notable film directors with whom Conlan has collaborated are Tobe Hooper (Toolbox Murders), John Badham (Obsessed), Gregg Champion (The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn) and Thomas Bezucha (Big Eden). His most significant television series are NCIS, Simon & Simon, Tour of Duty and The Equalizer while his work on television films includes titles like the Emmy-nominated scores for Miracle Run (Mary-Louise Parker, Zac Efron) and Mortal Sins (Christopher Reeve). The composer’s awards include Best Score for No Justice at the Underground Film Festival and Best Song for Finding Home at the Rome International Film Festival. His scores for The Callback Queen and Spider 3D were released by MovieScore Media.

MMS17013 • SANCTUARY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOSEPH CONLAN
Release date (digital): July 7, 2017


1 Sanctuary 1:29
2 Don’t Let Me Down 1:59
3 The Popcorn Diversion 1:18
4 Sophie 2:15
5 Eye Candy 1:49
6 Kung Fu Bathroom 0:46
7 Most Special Thing 2:42
8 Larry Has the Edge, Andrew Has the Figure 1:16
9 Hide the Condom 1:59
10 Peter and Sandy Go Hunting 1:12
11 That’s Not a Sweet, Alice 1:29
12 Emergency 3:05
13 Tom Looks for Rita 1:54
14 But I Love Her – Sanctuary 1:42

    Sanctuary (Joseph Conlan)