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Shiver (Fernando Velázquez)

Shiver (Fernando Velázquez)


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Continuing to explore the rich and astounding qualities of Spanish film music, MovieScore Media proudly presents the colourful, exciting and very stylish score for Shiver (original title: Eskalofrio) by Fernando Velázquez.

The composer came to international prominence with his highly effective and very beautiful horror score, The Orphanage, which earned him a Spanish Music Award and a European Film Award nomination. His music for Shiver makes use of very expressive instrumentation which makes the compositions constantly interesting.

This is a dark musical journey with a lot of frightening dissonance and aggressive orchestral writing, but with the same kind of musical elegance that graced The Orphanage.

MMS10006 • SHIVER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (CD/download): April 13, 2010


1 Sunrise 1.22
2 Shiver 3.08
3 Welcome Home 2.55
4 Not a Place Where You Should Be Alone 2.09
5 Fabian 3.35
6 A Place Where the Sun Cannot Burn 2.56
7 Searching “That” 5.03
8 Alone in the Forest 1.27
9 A Friend 2.04
10 Julia and Antonio 4.52
11 Funeral 1.54
12 Alone in the House 2.13
13 Erika Hassel 4.12
14 I Don’t Want to Be an Easy Target 1.45
15 Leo, Angela and Santi 5.48
16 Sunrise / So You Think I’m a Murderer Too? 2.40
17 Panic 1.18
18 Santi and Dimas 1.13
19 What Is Happening 2.43
20 The German’s Car 1.43
21 The Murder 0.47
22 Finale 5.57
23 No… Not Yet 1.02

    Shiver (Fernando Velázquez)