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Shooting Shona (Laura Rossi)

Shooting Shona (Laura Rossi)


Laura Rossi, who studied composition at the Liverpool University and the London College of Music, is perhaps best known for the music she has composed to re-releases of eearly silent movies, commissioned by the British Film Institute. These include the best-selling Silent Shakespeare (seven short films) which she has toured round cinemas performing live with the films at venues including the Barbican, London and the Belfast and Sao Paulo film festivals. Laura was also commissioned by the Imperial War Museum to write an orchestral score for ‘The Battle of the Ancre’, an important historical film from the 1st World War which was performed live with film at the museum. She was subsequently commissioned to write a score for the famous 1916 film The Battle of the Somme‘ which was premiered at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra. Rossi has also written numerous works for the concert hall.

The score for Shooting Shona is written for a handpicked selection of musicians with a string quartet, piano and solo woodwinds creating the ominous mood of the film, sometimes evoking the tradition of the great Bernard Herrmann and his scores for the Alfred Hitchcock classics.

Produced by February Films, Shooting Shona is an intimate thriller about the disappearance of Shona’s flatmate and her subsequent struggle to find her. The film stars Sam Burker, Tim Downie, Dipika Guha and Daniel Gosling, and will come out on DVD in the near future.

MMS07003 • SHOOTING SHONA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by LAURA ROSSI
Release date: March 27, 2007


1 Main Titles 1:54
2 Shona’s Theme 1:47
3 Annie’s Scared 2:56
4 Mystery / Someone’s Following 2:52
5 Aska’s Theme 1:22
6 Zane and the Chase 2:01
7 Aska and Shona 2:11
8 The Moon 1:32
9 Following 3:03
10 Shona 1:20
11 The Gang / Milo’s Flashback 2:11
12 Detective Work 2:21
13 Paranoid / Love 2:38
14 Aska’s Flashback and Poison 1:35
15 Annie’s Found 1:46
16 End Credits 1:32

    Shooting Shona (Laura Rossi)