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Sordo (The Silent War) (Carlos M. Jara)

Sordo (The Silent War) (Carlos M. Jara)


MovieScore Media takes a 75-year trip back into the past with Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas’ Sordo: The Silent War with music by Carlos Martín Jara. The movie takes place in Spain, 1944, where a local guerilla group wants to help the resistance’s cause by destroying the infrastructure of the regime and overthrow General Franco. After an attack on a bridge, only two members of the group survive and must escape with an obsessed Captain and a Russian mercenary girl in tow. The appearance of an old flame offers a temporary solace from the horrors of war, but eventually the surviving guerillas understand they must finish their mission if they want to achieve true peace.

Sordo‘s process has been a lot of fun… Hard work, but fun,” says director Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas about the  score, “Carlos’ composition is just what we had been talking about for so long. Perfect. Precise. Epic. It makes the movie bigger,  the Western, or in this case it makes this Spanish Western come to life. Music becomes just another character in the plot. It accompanies and helps, which in my opinion that’s what a great soundtrack should do. Because that’s what it is, a great soundtrack. But also a small tribute to one of the most important contemporary composers, maestro Ennio Morricone. Carlos and I were fortunate enough to see him in concert in Rome and he surely inspired the great Carlos Martín to compose this wonderful piece. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I listen to it.”

Composer Carlos Martín Jara finished his musical studies at Royal Conservatory of Madrid. As an orchestrator and arranger, he worked for composers like Lucas Vidal and Alberto de la Rocha.  As a composer, he has worked on documentaries and award-winning short films such as Peck Pocketed (Student Academy Award winner), The Colors of Evil (Student Academy Award nominee) and Nitro Warriors Afterburner. He is the co-founder and musical director of the string orchestra “Mad4Strings“ with whom he performed a live performance of Sordo’s score on September 11, 2019.

MMS19028 SORDO (The Silent War) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by CARLOS M. JARA
Release date (digital): September 13, 2019


1 Sordo 3:28
2 Rosa’s Theme 3:02
3 Bosch and the Wolf 1:39
4 Let Him Be, Sergeant 1:36
5 The Bridge 2:48
6 Arrival to the Town 2:58
7 The Bandit, the Horse and the Knight 2:55
8 Dead in the Night 1:34
9 Don’t Move 3:11
10 The Pleasure of Killing an Enemy 2:34
11 Hunting Rojas 1:35
12 Rosa and Anselmo 2:14
13 Darya 2:16
14 A Girl Who Knew How to Shoot 3:08
15 I Hate Women Like You 3:42
16 Meeting 2:08
17 Broken Inside 3:43
18 Friend 5:36
19 Dreams 1:59
20 Take the Art Out of its Den 3:04
21 Caudillo 1:05
22 Luna Serena (1:54
23 Do Not Look, Rosa 3:14
24 San Martín (Aurelio Rodriguez del Rio) 3:38
25 Simplemente Perfecto (Mastodonte) (6:37)

    Sordo (The Silent War) (Carlos M. Jara)