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Stalingrad (Angelo Badalamenti)

Stalingrad (Angelo Badalamenti)


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This may be the finest music I’ve ever heard come from [Badalamenti] – stirring and emotional, at times breathlessly exciting, stunningly constructed.” (James Southall, Movie Wave)

The composer’s best score to date, it is an inspired and powerful work… A sweeping and luxurious sounding work, a classic in the making.” (John Mansell, Movie Music Italiano)

Let’s be honest, Angelo Badalamenti had disappeared off the radar a little. His score for “Stalingrad” is nothing short of an emotional tour de force. (Pete Simons, Synchrotones)

This is probably as good as Badalamenti is ever going to sound, and even though this might be the best Badalamenti score I have ever heard, Twin Peaks will forever win on sentimental value. (Jorn Tillnes, SoundtrackGeek)

This is one of the most challenging jobs for the Maestro who had a strong emotional involvement, designing a big orchestral requiem for the winners and the losers. (Roberto Pugliese, ColonneSonore)

The score for Stalingrad is one of the greatest surprises of the year, both in itself and considering the composer’s career up to this point. (Zsolt Bíró, FilmzeneNet)

Angelo Badalamenti, a veteran composer whose cult scores for David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive) and many other acclaimed films (Secretary, A Very Long Engagement, Before the Fall) showcases his classical side with the powerful, exciting and beautiful orchestral score for the Russian war epic, Stalingrad, directed by Fedor Bondarchuk and starring Thomas Kretschmann.

Reviewers rightfully claim that Stalingrad is among Badalamenti’s finest works, and it’s the second best score of all in 2013 according to Movie Wave. Featuring several strong themes, Badalamenti’s score is a passionate journey through militaristic landscapes, romantic orchestrations and powerful action sequences. The film, which opens in the UK and US this spring, is the first Russian movie made completely in 3D and is the highest-grossing Russian movie of all time.

MMS14001/KRONCD036 • STALINGRAD (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): January 28, 2014
Release date (CD): January 28, 2014


1 Stalingrad Theme (featuring Anna Netrebko) 3:44
2 Stalingrad Overture (Universal Theme) 3:18
3 Desperate Search for Masha 2:28
4 Kahn’s Theme 3:20
5 Katya’s Theme 3:36
6 Men of Fire 2:20
7 Execution and Attack 6:38
8 Sergei’s Triumph 1:44
9 Russian Ambush 2:00
10 The Rules of Warfare 2:01
11 Lovers Steal Away 1:58
12 The Panzer Attack 2:00
13 Masha and Kahn 1:58
14 Tragic Killing 2:45
15 Childhood Memories (Katya’s Theme Reprise) 2:55
16 Goodbye Brothers: Stalingrad Finale 3:15
17 Legenda (featuring Zemfira) 3:24
18 Stalingrad Theme for String Orchestra 3:20

    Stalingrad (Angelo Badalamenti)