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Submarine (Andrew Hewitt)

Submarine (Andrew Hewitt)


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Although the score is short, the emotional impact of UK composer Andrew Hewitt’s score for the acclaimed drama Submarine is immediate and of the highest beauty.

We released Hewitt’s briliant monochromatic score for Cuckoo a couple of months and decided to produce a digital EP of the Submarine score to make sure you don’t miss this little gem. The primary theme is an elegiac piece for strings and harp, richly scored and with a harmonic elegance that goes straight into the soul of the listener. Recorded at Air Studios, the score also features quirkier elements such as a theme for Hammond organ and a short fugatic piano interlude.

The film itself has been a huge hit among reviewers. Total Film’s verdict: “Smart and sly, funny and fourth-wall-breaking but above all, an excruciatingly accurate coming-of-ager.”

MMD0013 • SUBMARINE (Original Motion Picture Score)
Music Composed by ANDREW HEWITT
Release date (download only): May 3, 2011


1 Oliver Tate’s Funeral 1.47
2 Investigations 1.30
3 Bullying 0.54
4 I Don’t Believe in Scenery 1.26
5 The Pamphlet 2.30
6 Jill Tate 1.06
7 Lloyd Tate’s Mysteries of the Deep 1.15
8 Fish Out of the Water 0.43
9 Medulloblastoma 1.41
10 After the Cinema 1.42
11 Oliver’s Sad Piano Theme 0.52
12 New Year’s Eve 0.23
13 Coming of Age 0.42
14 Running to the Sea 0.46
15 Jordana 1.29

    Submarine (Andrew Hewitt)