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Super Science Showcase (David James Nielsen)

Super Science Showcase (David James Nielsen)


MovieScore Media’s latest team up with composer David James Nielsen is a unique educational anthology movie designed to teach children through adventures. Produced and directed by Lee Fanning, Super Science Showcase is a multi-platform franchise whose first feature-length movie is composed of five 9-14-minute long episodes. “Cuyahoga River Riders“ deals with astronomy, “The Shocklosers“ is about laws of motion, “Mission: Monsters“ teaches animal classification, “Journal Against the Unknown“ introduces  the scientific method while “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn – St. Petersburg Adventures“ presents the states of energy to young viewers. 

“Lee had the 90’s TV series theme Amazing Stories by John Williams as a reference, so I set out to create a brand new theme in my own unique way and by using a live orchestra for the theme,“ says David about the project. ”For most segments, the orchestra was the right feel – however, for ‘The Shocklosers’, we decided to go with a 90’s rock feel, mixed with the orchestra. After the initial themes were composed for all of the franchises, it was much easier to make use of them when composing the underscores for each of the shorts.“ The scores range from the horse galloping energy and expressive music for “Cuyahoga River Riders“, to the mysterious and dark music for “Mission: Monsters“ and “Journal Against the Unknown“, to the rhythmically steady and lively music for “Tom Sawyer and “Huckleberry Finn – St. Petersburg Adventures“, to the rock-influenced comical music for “The Shocklosers“.

Calgary-born composer David James Nielsen won the Gold Medal of Artistic Excellence Award for his score to the film Man Vs. Woman in 2008, and the Bronze Medal for Excellence Award for his score to Tales from Beyond at the Park City Film Music Festival. Previous releases with MovieScore Media include the gothic horror anthology Tales from Beyond, the based on a true ghost story Haunting Villisca, The Sailing Channel documentary Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx and Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket.

MMS19023 SUPER SCIENCE SHOWCASE (Original Motion Picture and Series Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by DAVID JAMES NIELSEN
Release date (digital): July 19, 2019


1 Super Science Showcase Theme 2:06
Cuyahoga River Riders – “The Navigator”
2 Theme 2:05
3 1779 the Ohio Country 0:32
4 Urgent Words 1:00
5 Enter Thunderbird 1:23
6 Any Ideas? / Stars / Why I Was Lost 4:12
7 Gideon Navigates the Stars 0:37
8 Gideon Finds the Tuscarawas 0:47
9 Gideon Is Caught 0:19
Journal Against the Unknown – “The Believer”
10 Hunting for Answers 1:07
11 John Explains the Scientific Method 4:17
12 Discovering the Itinerate Man / Proof Through Science 1:50
13 I Have to Be Okay Not Knowing 3:20
14 Theme 2:20
Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn: St. Petersburg Adventures – “Tom Sawyer Runs the Gauntlet”
15 Theme 2:06
16 Meet Tom and Huck 1:07
17 Ain’t Nothing Huck / Looking for a Huckster 1:10
18 Security Traps / Laws of Motion 2:01
19 Camp Discovered / Tom Makes a Plan 1:57
20 Huck You’re One of Us / Tom’s Plan Succeeds 3:04
21 Tom Loses 1:59
Mission Monsters – “What Am I?”
22 An Island of Impossible Thing 1:29
23 Meeting Inbar / Classification / A Diversion 7:22
24 Inbar Learns the Truth 1:18
25 Inbar’s Disappointment 0:47
26 Theme 2:26
The Shocklosers – “Go Yard”
27 The Ball Diamond 0:37
28 Caleb the Guest 0:47
29 Hawks 1:49
30 Caleb Explains Newton’s Laws of Motion 1:41
31 Baseball Is About the People 1:11
32 Three Strikes 0:41
33 Last Inning 0:41
34 Thomas’s Home Run 1:07
35 Theme 2:22
36 The Foragers Theme 2:16
37 Lightspeed Pioneers Theme 2:23
38 The Shocklosers Rock 1:20

    Super Science Showcase (David James Nielsen)